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Thunder Fist by Ghornet
Thunder Fist
Inspired by the Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt costume.  She's got a power punch similar to Iron First but it's a bit more controllable.  The way the mask blends in with the hair was a happy accident.  I picked out the hair style I wanted and was planning on changing it but left it when I saw how well it worked.  :)
Matman Alt by Ghornet
Matman Alt
A redo of Mat Man.  A wrestler turned hero A more muscular base figure and minor tweeks to the costume
Dr Midnite Mine 2 by Ghornet
Dr Midnite Mine 2

Minor changes to the Mask Gloves & Boots.  I added the clock emblem and changed the tunic, with a hint of the flaps under the belt and gave him a belt with pockets to hold his Black Out Bombs.  I like the way the tunic worked out, looks like a clock tower.

Dementia by Ghornet

A totally new piece.

He came to the aid of a dimensional traveler.  She can only survive with a host body so they merge.  They are both present, one advising the other depending on the form.  When she's in charge they are Dementia with the ability to cast illusions pulled from the target's mind.  When he's in charge they are Zach Jackson mechanic.  Thing of the fun a writer could have a buff guy turns into a hot woman.  She's even a little taller than he is :)

Archer by Ghornet
Inspired by the arrow design on the front of Earth 2's Red Arrow.  I just took a step further. 


Bill D
United States
I've been posting a lot of stuff on the Micro Community boards lately.  A few that haven't made it here and some 'Secret File' type sheets.  Be sure and check it out!

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