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Goldem Eagle by Ghornet
Goldem Eagle
An ouctast from a race of winged poeple because she was facinated by humans.  She's got claws on her hands and feet.  A complete redo of an older character.
The Sword by Ghornet
The Sword
A flaybouant  human with a magic possessed sword.  He is conctantly fighting the sword for control.
Clown by Ghornet
Slightly modified version of the the from a couple of hours ago.  Similar to Astro City's Jack-in-the-Box, a hero who uses a clown motif and gadgets to fight crime.
Spike by Ghornet
A projecting Empath who used her power to gain control of a prostitution ring then used her powers and contacts to branch out to become a drime boss.  She continues to wear the trappings of a dom so people will underestimate her.
The Master by Ghornet
The Master
An alien recently arrivied on Earth.  He thinks he is the master of the Mystic Arts. He's not so much evil as he is misguided with an incredible ego.


Bill D
United States
I posted 3 Super Hero stories of some of my heroes.  Please let me know what you think.  :)
There's a third Black Phantom story in progress as well as one of a character who went on to greater things.  I've got one among he missing. A friend has a hard copy somewhere if he can find it (that's a hint Chris).

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:D I'm baaaack!
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